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January 10th, 2006

12:33 pm: i'm doing stuff to my xanga so... here is the thing i wrote.
searching deeper

wandering hills vanish,
and the elements are solid,
camel bites again,
and she does it harder.

communication is the new dinosaur,
it no longer exists,
leaves lie among us,
who wants to fall?

insanity is everywhere,
giraffe says, "buzz buzz,"
the ant follows the scent,
but all we see is mud.

confusion is bitter,
desire is sour,
love is jealous,
jesus is pure.

the fire is not the cure,
but burning has never felt this good before

January 8th, 2006

09:19 am: x(
bye south jersey </3

January 6th, 2006

02:07 am: dont go do this now, because i'll know you're just doing it to do it..
but really. i don't know what was more depressing:

a) writing my last xanga post
b) in over 24 hours having only one comment on it
c) writing this livejournal post and worrying about this
d) me feeling the urge to have a d
e) all of the above (a, b, c, d)

i really don't expect ANYONE to know what i was writing about. that's kinda what i just did. i just.. wrote what i was feeling. yes there's tons of hidden meanings in there but it's also partly literal. *sigh* i will be ok. just not now. x)

watched american psycho tonight. what can i say; i relate. and i think it's cool. *shrug*

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January 3rd, 2006

12:51 pm: never walk outside when it's raining... there might be a ninja in the mud...

December 22nd, 2005

12:43 pm: wow...
wow. alright so mike, heather and i left harding friday following michelle to texas. we got there a few hours later and spent the weekend with her family and friends and penny. we looked at christmas lights and went to her church (very reminiscent of ccoc btw just more conservative, etc.). her family is amazing and very hosipitable. x)

we went to michelle's friend ethan's 21st bday party and it was pretty cool. after more than 10 people showed up. got to meet a lot of real cool people and just talk about music and stuff. i'll post links up here when i get them and stuff x) y'all should definately check them out.

mmmmm Y from first to last Y let's just say amazing. but of course, the other bands were great, too. the order was

dead reckless
he is legend
haste the day
from first to last

did you know that sonny(from first to last's singer) is the younger brother of schuylar(he is legend's singer)? i just found that out during the show. everyone put on a great show. supposedly in march haste the day, everytime i die and the bled are supposed to be playing at the door in dallas. sounds good.

so from first to last played failure by designer jeans which is only on the web and i've wanted to see them perform it forever! they played the original emily, not the toybox remix. and they played either christmassacre (which i just found out is new today) or x12 days of xxxmasx. so it was prolly christmassacre cuz the other song is ancient and i can't find it anywhere. they also played 2 new songs that are from their new cd that will be released in march.

so. they close with emily, right? soo everyone leaves the pit and goes to relax with their friends/girls/whatevers. then of course an encore. they play that christmas song. i just kind of sit there enjoying it. i don't know it so i couldn't dance or sing. then i looked at mike and said that they hadn't played ride the wings of pestilence yet. well, what do you know, it's a double encore. they play it. i run to the pit. when the song is ending sonny leans down into the crowd. some dude put me up and sonny grabbed my hair and yelled, "yea man!" and i grabbed his hair and yelled, "i love you!" then i convulsed for the next hour and couldn't think straight or talk properly. i was a mess. i felt like a 12 year old girl that just saw justin timberlake wink at her during a show.

then we slept at cora's and left wednesday morning to head to searcy then back to jersey. we drove straight through basically from tyler, tx to collingswood, nj. tonight my brother is in a nativity and i'm having a high school reunion. i'm so glad to be back but i'm so stressed and.. i really do regret not bringing my car home. but.. things will work. i need to shop and spend time with my family. it's great to be home. even though.. i've been alone for the past hour+ i've been home..

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December 7th, 2005

03:58 am: xmas letter...
Dear Santa...

Dear Santa,

This year I've been busy!

In September I stole ffs010's purse (-30 points). Last Sunday I put gum in superrosie14's hair (-12 points). In January foolslikeme and I donated clothes to the needy (11 points). Last Thursday I helped dead_otter see the light (8 points). Last week I punched ashley_hates in the arm (-10 points).

Overall, I've been naughty (-33 points). For Christmas I deserve a spanking!


Write your letter to Santa! Enter your LJ username:

November 28th, 2005

01:08 am:
roller coaster, favorite ride

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November 25th, 2005

10:43 pm: turkey...
my church's youth program has a blog now: colls youth
and here are pictures from our annual turkey day frisbee game at 930. thanks to my mommy for taking the pics!

as usual... click the images to see them larger!

November 18th, 2005

02:05 am: score!
i am leaving for jersey in like 9 hours! x) x) x)
...hope i have funn..

November 13th, 2005

05:56 am: great party and an emotion update
so today was darryl's big birthday bash thingy. it was a 3-teamed scavenger hunt and was a lot of fun. it totally rocked to hang out with everyone like that again. good times. happy birthday, mate. x) i'm not ashamed of anything that went on during the party but i will say it was probably not as mild as it should(?) have been. heh. xP and... i guess to stop everyone from wondering(if you were wondering, that is), me and brooke aren't dating anymore and it was pretty rough on both of us but now, for the most part, we are both ok. and we are still friends, which is the most important thing. sorry for disappointing everyone that is disappointed with this. so that is the explanation for both of our "emo" posts.. heh x/

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